Since 1988 UCINA, the Italian Marine Industry Association, holds the “Boating Pioneers” Award, which has reached its twenty-ninth edition. The award, is dedicated to those who have distinguished themselves in the world of boating for their commitment, focus and skill. Men, women, business owners, managers, craftsmen, planners, designers and journalists who have believed and continued to believe passionately in this industry.

In 2018 the Jury, traditionally chaired by the Coast Guard Commander and by the President of UCINA, in the Villa Durazzo garden of Santa Margherita Ligure, gave the twenty-ninth Boating Pioneers Award to Giuseppe Carnevali e Ruggiero Di Luggo for the manager category, to Adriano Patrignani for the craftsman category, to Hugo Andreae for the journalist category, to Gabriele Zucconi for the planner and designer category and to Franco Pace for the Italian journalist category.

The 2018 edition also witnessed the creation of a Special in memoriam Prize awarded to Raffaele Ranucci.

Download the UCINA Boating Pioneers Hall of Fame